Saturday 24 December 2011


Appealing to an audience from right across Melbourne and country Victoria, The Boulevard Christmas Lights Display has become one of Melbourne's longest-standing Christmas traditions. Since the 1950s, residents have been hanging lights to decorate their gardens and windows at Christmas. Approximately 100,000 people visit each year over the course of the two weeks.

While many people just drive by to see the light displays and decorations, it's much better to park the  car and walk along the Boulevard, seeing everything in greater detail and on Christmas Eve, especially, listen to the carols, and feel part of the Christmas spirit. We visited last night and as always it was quite a jam-packed event with hundreds and hundreds of cars and even more pedestrians!

The red dots show the best Christmas Lights displays on the Boulevard in Ivanhoe.
The atmosphere is very festive and as the crowds walk through, there is much laughter, carol singing and lots of community feeling.
Modern technology is used to advantage in these displays.
One may catch sight of Rudolph, the Red nose Reindeer...
Or Santa Claus, who seems to be everywhere, all at once!
Many talented youngsters are out in full force singing carols...
Every house seems to have something out in the front lawn, some more elaborate than others.
Ah! There's Santa again...
Some people go to a great deal of trouble!
While others aim more for elegance and symmetry!
As Santa flies overhead again!
Right by his workshop!
Will the real Santa please stand up?
Christmas lights decorate all available surfaces!
And every garden a Christmas fairyland!
More talented carollers putting some zing into their singing!
Even the minimalist look can be very effective!
This is not minimalist!
Another Santa's Workshop! Of course, one couldn't possibly cope with all the gift orders.
Some very good Christmas music, jazz style!
A very beautiful display in a particularly verdant garden!
With wreaths and stars and lights...
And fairy tales and ballerinas and nutcrackers and Christmas trees...
While of course, there is nothing better than Christmas music played on strings by these talented young violinists.
Blue fairy lights are certainly a favourite this year!
Good to see also the real meaning of Christmas out there, larger than life!
I think Santa is following us...
There he is again!
Many of the kids were buying these "lite-up" sticks to decorate themselves up too.
More wearable Christmas lights being sold!
The signs says it all! I hope you have had a peaceful, contented, restful Christmas together with those you love.


  1. I've never been but summer Christmas looks so nice. Have a great day!

  2. ...and I am so far away....
    That is wonderful...the girls singing, the violins, the decoration...beautiful, man...
    Thank you for sharing!
    A kiss

  3. It is difficult to photograph Christmas lights and so I'm very impressed.

    You know, I think celebrating Christmas where it is warm would be wonderful.

  4. Thank you, Thank you for visiting and reading my poem.
    It is about birth and dead…a lonely, poor woman gives birth all alone surrounded with misery and hunger, after a day’s work in the farm…During the night she has her baby but she is too weak, fragile…so she dies…
    The sound of the church bells spread the news of her death…and people say” She’s in Peace, now…let that be so.”!

    I Hug you!!!!

  5. Hi there - I used to drive along this road on the way to work. It had a very different look in the daylight. Having said that I can still place a couple of the buildings.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne (but not Ivanhoe!)

  6. Great photos, as always, Nick. The selection really gives a feel of the festivities.

  7. What an amazing place and your photos do it great justice. Happy Holidays!