Friday, 19 June 2015


Pippa has a very interesting blog with all sorts of creative things happening. I suggest you go and visit it. She hosts some memes that are quite creative. Here is my entry for one of her creative "cut-and-paste" memes. Pippa has given an image of a 1910s couple sitting and conversing and has requested participants in the meme to "place" the couple somewhere appropriate. My take is that they have been invited to a garden party at Downton Abbey! :-)

This post is part of Pippa's Have Fun meme.


  1. oh, I should take my umbrella this afternoon, seems you have a lot of sunshine!

    Nick, I am proud that you did this excellent picture. I will ask in FRANKFURT, if they put it a the side of GĂ–THESportrait!
    Thank you, have a good day

  2. That's a great editor with Pippa predetermined image!
    I've also posted a review, please look here Once upon a time
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Looks so wonderful, wish I was there.... Sigh!