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Argyranthemum (marguerite, marguerite daisy, dill daisy) is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the family Asteraceae. Members of this genus are sometimes also placed in the genus Chrysanthemum. The genus is endemic to Macaronesia, occurring only on the Canary Islands, the Savage Islands, and Madeira.

Shown here is the hybrid Argyranthemum, 'Reflection Pink'. It is a drought- and salt-tolerant shrubby tender perennial often grown as an annual bedding plant, Reflection Pink Marguerite daisy boasts frilly foliage and large pink and brown blossoms. If you love the look of gazania flowers, this hybrid's flowers will delight you.

A mounding but upright plant that bears lots of flowers, the blooms occur on stem tips. They first appear early in the spring and continue for a long flowering season. Each flower opens with a button-like brown eye surrounded by a single row of rose and pink petals. The base of each petal has a deeper band of rose, with a strip of white immediately at the attachment to the brown eye. This creates a multicoloured bullseye effect. The petals fade significantly with age.

This bushy mound-forming perennial has gray-green, deeply lobed leaves that are ferny and emit a strong fragrance when crushed. Its daisies are produced above the foliage and appear from late spring till frost or almost year round in frost free climates. Flowering subsides in very hot weather and deadheading will prolong vigorous bloom. This easy-to-grow plant grows beautifully in full sun and moderately fertile garden soil with good drainage.

Hot and humid weather makes this plant falter quickly. Regular light pruning will promote compact growth, increase flowering and provide cuttings for propagation. Plants are wind and salt tolerant. Grow 'Reflection Pink' in seaside gardens, containers, or sunny garden beds. The blooms draw butterflies and can also be cut for flower arrangements.

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