Monday, 20 November 2017


Living in Australia where we celebrate no Thanksgiving holiday, I have had to educate myself regarding this North American tradition. My lessons in history had certainly made me aware of the reasons why this holiday was celebrated and its special significance to the US, especially.

We have forgotten to be grateful in our everyday lives and we don’t say “thank you” and really mean it, often enough. A family sitting around a table and enjoying a meal together, enjoying each other’s company and thanking God, providence, each other, and life, for all the benefits they enjoy on a daily basis is a wonderful thing.

I think more countries around the world should adopt such a day: A day that celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year in a family environment, where there is time to stop, reflect and be truly thankful for all the good things that we enjoy in our life often without a second thought. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to exercise some gratitude and be truly thankful for what we have…

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  1. Beautiful mosaic. Welcome to Thanksgiving! Happy Monday!

  2. Oh, you answered my question I saw earlier - no thanksgiving day in Australia - at least not the way they celebrate it in the USA. In Holland there is a day of thanks for the harvest, but it is celebrated with a service in the church - not with a big family meal with family and friends. Great collage here - the turkeys speak especially to me. Since we see them here often, we are getting to know their characteristics - they ignore the traffic and just cross, not scared of screeching brakes of cars:) They have a narcissistic bend:)

  3. How special that you would take the time to learn about this US holiday! One of the other bloggers that I follow, Sylvia, made a post a couple of months ago about giving thanks. She pointed out that it is the other side of prayer - in other words, we shouldn't just always be asking for something! Thanks for your gift to US!

  4. A brilliant mosaic and a wonderful tribute to the concept of thanksgiving, our Canadian and North American friends will enjoy this"

  5. Great collage! Have a great week!