Monday, 16 July 2018


Christmas in July is a Christmas celebration held in the month of July, the nature of which differs by hemisphere.

In the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are in reverse to the Northern Hemisphere, with summer falling in December, January, and February, and with winter falling in June, July, and August. Therefore, in some southern hemisphere countries, such as Australia, Comoros, Madagascar, Bolivia, Angola, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Samoa and South Africa, Christmas in July or Midwinter Christmas events are undertaken in order to have Christmas with a winter feel in common with the northern hemisphere. These countries still celebrate Christmas on December 25, in their summer, like the northern hemisphere.

Our local pub organises a Christmas in July event with traditional Christmas fare, Christmas decorations, carols, Santa and blazing fires in the fireplaces!

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  1. Your blended mosaic is very interesting. Have a nice Monday

    much love...

  2. Christmas Day, celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus, could never have been cold. Firstly he was born in Bethlehem not Scandinavia, and the probability was that he was born in the northern hemisphere's late spring-summer. The baby's swaddling clothes were appropriately light, cotton and minimal.

    So snow, reindeers and Father Christmas in fur are much less appropriate than family lunches on the beach in bathing suits.

  3. What a great Christmas card to share with the MM crowd this week, pass me a mince pie please.