Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Thessaloniki, (also known as Salonika or Saloniki) is Greece's second largest city with a population of ≈800,000 people. It has given Greece some of its greatest musicians, artists, poets and thinkers. It has some of the most beautiful beaches and has some of the finest hotels and best restaurants in northern Greece. It is home to the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the International Trade Fair and host to many cultural events, with theatres, museums and many historical sites.

The "White Tower" (Lefkós Pírgos) is the most famous landmark of Thessaloniki. The present tower replaced an old Byzantine fortification which was mentioned around the 12th century and reconstructed by the Ottomans to fortify the city's harbour, it became a notorious prison and scene of mass executions during the period of Ottoman rule. It was substantially remodelled and its exterior was whitewashed after Greece gained control of the city in 1912. It has been adopted as the symbol of the city.

The Ladadika (Oil warehouse) quarter is located at the west side of the port. In the past, this was a neighbourhood of ill-repute, but today it is considered as one of the best nightlife spots in Thessaloniki. It is an old quarter, with narrow paved streets and neoclassical buildings. Some abandoned houses can be found there, while some others have been restored and host cafeterias and restaurants

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  1. The last two images at night make me want to be there - remembering the night time in Greece is just as much fun:)

  2. Beautiful images and architecture!