Monday, 4 May 2020


With the lockdown restrictions due to the pandemic, our drives to the countryside have stopped rather unceremoniously. We are lucky to live within walking distance to the Darebin Parklands, so when the weather is fine, this is a marvellous location to take a walk in.

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  1. Love this triptych. Can see on the darker colors summer has passed. Have to say though these views are beautiful though in fall! I love the water:) Many thanks for sharing these views with All Seasons! And your kind comments today, Jesh

  2. Very nice, the one on the right really calls to me.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade
    visiting from Mosaic Monday

  3. We are also blessed to live in a state with many public lands that have remained open during this period, not to mention our own "backyard". I cannot imagine what it must be like in the large cities with no such respite. I feel for those people. Thanks for sharing this with Mosaic Monday, especially those that do not have such options!

  4. Such blue water! Stay safe.