Tuesday 26 April 2011


Montsalvat was originally established as a true artists’ colony in over 12 acres situated in Eltham, an outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia. It was founded by architect and artist Justus  Jörgensen (1893-1975) in 1934. It is home to a small hamlet of various buildings, houses and halls set amongst extensive established gardens. The colony of Montsalvat reflects very much the life of Justus Jörgensen and his friends and family.
Part of the entrance building complex.
Architecturally, Montsalvat has much in common with a simple French village in Provence revealing a mix of rustic architectural styles.
There is very much a European village feel to the place!
Path leading towards the Great Hall, with artists' studios shown on the left.
The picturesque buildings are surrounded by lawns and gardens.
There is much art to be admired on the grounds.
Much of this art from the time of Jörgensen.
A happy resident!
The Great Hall of Montsalvat.
Another view of the Great Hall.
Inside the Great Hall, at ground floor level. This chamber is used for weddings and receptions, as well as for cultural events.
A room below the level of the Great Hall ground floor and connected to it by corridors, staircases and small rooms.
The first floor level of the Great Hall. Another venue for concerts, presentations and various functions. A grand piano takes pride of place in one corner, while Justus Jörgensen's art works grace the walls.
A still life by Jörgensen, hanging in the Great Hall.
One of Justus Jörgensen's many self-portraits.
Another still life and a sculpture study of Alec Ensel.
The pool beside the Great Hall and on the left side of the picture, another gallery/exhibition space.
Part of the residential buildings complex adjacent to the Great Hall.
Many beautiful peacocks adorn the grounds (and roofs!).
The Chapel situated in a quiet part of the grounds next to a pine tree copse and a lily pond.
Interior of the Chapel.
A secluded part of the terraced garden allows the visitor time to reflect and take in the serenity of the place.
Many cottage garden plants such as this glorious Salvia contribute to the rustic feel of Montsalvat.
Beautiful ironwork of the monumental gate here, invites further visits.


  1. Great blog and wonderful photographs.

    I like the template you have used because it allows the bigger photographs. I may well change Creative journey to this one as it has proven to have many more pictures than I thought I would do.

  2. I wonder what Jörgensen's plan was, in designing such a beautiful and complex village. Was it just a peaceful place for artists to work, for themselves? Or was it some sort of utopian collective, living a clean green and shared life?

  3. What a fascinating place. It really does look like Europe...

  4. A wonderful village and as you say, very much in the european style - I'm wondering if that little chapel is every used? - it's situated in the most facinating surrounds and perfect for photography.