Sunday, 24 April 2011


It was very foggy this morning but nevertheless, it was a quiet and gentle one as it was both Anzac Day and Easter Monday. We decided to go walking at Darebin Parklands, where we took some photos.

The large duck pond at the Darebin Parklands.
This year was the year of the spider! So many cobwebs everywhere...
Not quite the world-wide web, just a modest garden variety one...
A kookaburra posing to have his photo taken!
And a duck, just about to go in for a dip
Take care! Duck crossing...

Nice day for a swim, good weather for ducks!

Mind your p's and q's!
We've had a wet and cool summer this year and the vegetation is proof enough...
Darebin Creek, which runs through the Parklands and empties into the Yarra River.
A rather stark, but nevertheless picturesque little bridge over the creek.
Two very happy dogs!
Autumn comes laden with fungi!
They look edible...
Dark and mysterious.


  1. I love these atmospheric photographs! They capture wonderfully the autumn mood.