Wednesday 8 April 2015


This grouper was photographed in the Melbourne Aquarium. I have used a program called Affinity Photo Beta to effect some editing and filtering.

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  1. you had a lot of fun I think :)

    I like what the software used seem to be able to do. I also think I saw this fish on the reef :)

  2. The more you processed the images all the more exciting, they have become. The fish is really terrifying.

  3. I always thought the Grouper was kind of an ugly fish, but you have managed to pull out his natural beauty in an unnatural way. How fun and I can't help noticing there is a shark in the background. Thankfully you are in an aquarium :) Nicely done and fun, Nick ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. So many fascinating versions of the grouper. A large and chunky fish, but with a bit of colouring filter, he becomes quite an interesting creature.

  5. Very cool processings...I concur with the previous comments♪

  6. Great editing.
    Thanks for sharing at