Thursday, 14 January 2016


'Iceberg' is one of the top ten roses of the world and the best landscape white rose around. This variety is extremely disease resistant, vigorous and floriferous. The long pointed buds and crisp white flowers are borne in great profusion with the least of care. The bushy rounded plant is robed in dark green foliage. Great for hedges, hardy and prolific, it is great in mass planting.

'Burgundy Iceberg' is a mutation of the white 'Iceberg' and performs just like its famous parent in every way (other than colour) – same terrific flower production, same bushy attractive habit, same lovely buds and showy clusters, same glossy green foliage and nearly thornless stems. The painted colors of deep purple-red burgundy and cream provide a multicolour display for the garden or in a bouquet. Seems to always be in bloom. Perfect for the landscape - either in mass, standing alone or atop a beautiful tree rose

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