Thursday 5 January 2017


Cleome is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cleomaceae. Previously, it had been placed in the family Capparaceae, until DNA studies found the Cleomaceae genera to be more closely related to the Brassicaceae than the Capparaceae.

Cleome x hybrida 'Clio Magenta' or "Spider Flower" is a great plant to add to any floral environment. Its high versatility makes it a wise choice to be used as a border crop or ground coverage. Create beautiful potted combinations and garden landscapes, or use it as the first layer of a border with a shorter plant in front.

Cleome 'Clio Magenta' has a spread of 30-60 cm and has an optimal height of one metre. This sun loving annual has rich thornless foliage and colourful, highly scented flowers. Its habit is very upright, containing divided, palmate leaves. The airy flowers are produced at the ends of hairy stalks in loose, globular, un-branched groups. Each flower has long stamens, giving it the "spider-like" appearance. This plant's unique ability to thrive in full sun, complement many other plants and flowers, or simply stand-alone make it a great choice for the garden.

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  1. Beautiful! We have other kinds of them as wildflowers...

  2. Beautiful & delicate flowers Nick. I don't think I've seen these before