Monday 12 February 2018


Melbourne's population is presently estimated to be 4.88 million people. The population density of Melbourne is 440 people per square kilometre. Melbourne is booming as far as population is concerned. The population is totally expanding at a quick speed. It has been said that the city grew by 1800 individuals for every 7 days. Melbourne is hustling at a quicker rate to rival Sydney as the nation’s biggest city. The city had the biggest population growth contrasted with all the capital urban cities in the nation.

The population of Victoria is expected to hit 10 million people by the 2050s and Melbourne's population will double by 2031, new figures indicate. Population growth will continue to be strong, according to new figures from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and the capital will need another 2 million homes to accommodate the growth. The rising trends in births, life expectancy and migration are said to account for the strong population growth.

As the building boom continues and infrastructure lags behind the unchecked growth, our city is becoming overcrowded, noisier, more polluted, more congested and more unsafe (the number of criminal offences recorded in Victoria went up by more than 50,000 last year — an 8 per cent rise in the per-capita crime rate)...

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  1. I understand bigger, more crowded and horrible traffic ... but I still love living in Houston!

  2. You have put together an excellent collage. Took me a minute to see all the images.

  3. the lines and lines of cars - I remember the traffic jams of Los Angeles too well! But I do love the view of the high rise buildings:) Many thanks for the reminder of it for All Seasons!

  4. This is a great compilation of images


  5. Wow! Another view! It's neat to see the different views of Melbourne!

  6. A lot of facts and figures to digest for sure but the increase in the crime rate is staggering. Your mosaic reflects how overcrowded the streets are becoming, I can almost hear those car horns blaring.

  7. Thanks for reminding me of all the reasons I live in the country!