Monday 26 February 2018


I love wood and recently I had opportunity to do some woodworking. It was good to wield the tools and again create something using saw, drill, glue, screws and screwdriver. The different wood types and textures are very photogenic! The white mask is superimposed on the wood images and makes for an extra division in the mosaic idea.

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  1. Now that is clever! Your mosaics are always out of the ordinary and so inspiring.

  2. Wood has wonderful texture and color which you have used to the fullest here.

  3. What colors and textures and a unique mosaic!

  4. Like that with the close up here, the wood pieces are in focus, but on your thumbnail you linked, the white that separates them is more obvious than the wood. Woos is a versatile subject and thank you for adding this interesting view for All Seasons! Have a great week:)

  5. Since we are building a log home, I have become quite familiar with the (many) different types of wood, and how they respond to stain in unique ways. No end to what you can do with wood!