Friday, 20 March 2015


The Santa Claus melon, sometimes known as Christmas melon or piel de sapo, is a variety of melon (family Cucurbitaceae, Cucumis melo, Inodorus group) that grows to about 30 cm in length and is oval in shape. It has a thick, green-striped outer rind, pale green to white inner flesh with a mild melon flavour and sweetness close to honeydew melons, if not more so. A Santa Claus melon is usually consumed for breakfast, lunch, dessert or as a snack. The melon should be slightly soft, especially on the ends, and should be washed, split in half length-wise and its seeds spooned out.

This melon was named in English as recognition of its long keeping qualities, i.e., "until Christmas". IN Spanish, "piel de sapo" means "toad skin". Melons are a source of vitamin C and dietary fibre, while also low in calories and sodium and containing very little fat and no cholesterol. The flesh of uncut melons is juicier and softer if kept at room temperature one or two days before serving. Once ripened or cut, it should be refrigerated in plastic. An excellent keeper, this hardy melon can be kept up to six weeks longer than other varieties.
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  1. A new one for me. Tom The Backroads Traveller

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  5. Interesting texture. Toad skin is a very good name for it.

  6. Nice and certain yummy. So many shades of green in the photo...