Monday, 27 June 2016


The garden pansy is a type of large-flowered hybrid plant cultivated as a garden flower. It is derived by hybridisation from several species in the section Melanium ("the pansies") of the genus Viola, particularly Viola tricolor, a wildflower of Europe and western Asia known as "heartsease". Some of these hybrids are referred to as Viola × wittrockiana Gams ex Nauenb. & Buttler. For simplicity, the older name Viola tricolor var. hortensis is often used. 

The garden pansy flower is 5 to 8 cm in diameter and has two slightly overlapping upper petals, two side petals, and a single bottom petal with a slight beard emanating from the flower's centre. These petals are usually white or yellow, purplish, or blue. The plant may grow to 23 cm in height, and prefers sun to varying degrees and well-draining soils.

We are in the midst of Winter here in Melbourne, and odd as it may seem we have these pansies flowering in a sheltered spot in our garden. I think this says something about the mildness of our Winters (e.g. max 10˚C and min 6˚C today).

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  1. Hello, pretty blue pansies. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. My favorite color! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful blue pansy with SEASONS. Much appreciated:) Have a great week and will "see" you soon.

  3. Most charming flowers, and a lovely color!

  4. Oh wow! Now that is a stunningly beautiful blue colour!