Wednesday, 5 July 2017


A cycle of ABC WEDNESDAY ends and a new one begins. I hope you've enjoyed my ABC animals poems. Here is the last one in the series:

The Zoo

A stroll we’ve taken through the zoo
And met some beasts inside;
Some moo, some mew, and others coo,
We’ve learnt lots from the guide.

The furry ones, the slimy sleek,
The black, the white, the coloured,
The large, the small, the brave the meek,
The sly, the good, the dullard.

Amongst them all, we humans think
Masters we are, and betters –
Animals keep us in the pink,
While them we tie in fetters.

We take their eggs, and drink their milk,
We wear their fur and leather;
We rob their rennet, seize their silk
We swipe their hide and feather.

We garner blood and roe, and bone,
Honey, manure and shellac;
Whales we dispatch, race horses roan
Despoil the pig, and loot the yak.

And if that all was not enough,
We hunt for sport, for pleasure…
We kill, we maim we play it tough
All for few hours of leisure.

Now we are bent on wrecking Earth,
Destroying both fauna, flora;
When all is lost we’ll see its worth,
Our fate that of Pandora.

So let’s hold on to hope, my dear,
Let’s do something together:
Save bear and boar, and duck and deer,
Our boundless folly tether.

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  1. I went to the zoo a LOT as a child


  2. Were these animals really browsing together peaceably? Wow! Wish people would take the hint!
    Thanks for linking up at

  3. My most favorite place to be, besides being home ;-)

    Wishing you a wonderful ABC-day / -week and hopefully till next week when I may welcome you in te new home of ABC-Wednesday on !

    Melody (abcw-team)