Monday 8 January 2018


Blackbirds (Turdus merula) always love to nest in our yard as there are no predatory pets, plenty of water in ponds and birdbaths, shady spots, lots to eat, as well as many places to build a nest. Every Summer we have several fledglings hopping about and eventually flying off. As a reward we get to hear their songs and see their families grow.

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  1. Hello! Pretty mosaic for the new year. All the best in 2018!

  2. We have blackbirds in our garden too, they love to steal the cherries off the trees!

  3. Haven't seen blackbirds around here, maybe because vultures, hawks and eagles are regularly circling out trees! The blue eggs are pretty! Thank you for showing All Seasons these lovely details! Have a "cool"(temps.) week!

  4. The nest is so lovely - blue eggs!