Monday 2 April 2018


Autumn is here and we are enjoying its bounty, its fine mellow days and the changing of the colours.

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  1. I always enjoy seeing the mix of colours and textures that you use in your mosaics, there's such a beautiful Autumnal feel to today's example that just exemplifies the season.
    it's just occurred to me that Easter doesn't happen down under in the Spring as it does here! Why haven't I realised that before? 😊

  2. Definitely Fall, as I see the blackberries and the leaves yellowing! But I also love the water stream scene -love it. Not long ago I saw area around the Yarra in a TV program of house hunters. So beautiful - thank you for sharing these beautiful Fall scenes with All Seasons! Enjoy your Fall week.

  3. About your comment on All Seasons - the Greek Easter - do you mean with that the Greek Orthodox Easter?