Wednesday, 27 February 2019


A fine old Edwardian house in Fairfield, an inner Melbourne suburb. Melbourne is full of many such houses, which unfortunately are becoming prizes for the shrewd property developers. Sitting on a sizeable block of land, enough for a decent front and back garden, this type of house is under threat of demolition and redevelopment of the land... Many such houses have been lost and in their place anything between 4-6 units have been built, overcrowding the neighbourhoods, increasing noise levels, traffic congestion, pollution and placing increasing demands on already heavily utilised infrastructure.

Let's stop and smell the roses while we still can, because not only are we losing the lovely old houses, we are also losing the gardens and green pockets of nature in the suburbs... These beautiful roses are the Hybrid Tea, Rosa 'Pink Peace'. Very fragrant and perfect for cut flowers, as well as being a vigorous and heat resistant garden favourite. Hybridised by Meilland in 1959, an oldie but a goody!

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  1. This is happening all over the world. All the old beauty with it's history is torn down and replaced with cold looking, cookie cutter housing.

  2. If this is your house, its just so very beautiful


  3. I sure would love to live in one like this

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  4. wow, such a shame that lovely little homes like this are going by the wayside in the name of development. those roses are gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  5. I have noticed that in the cities, too. One house gone, 3 in their place. So, sad for the loss of gardens. Your image is great.