Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Capsicum baccatum 'Balloon' is a very unusual pod shaped variety, which is believed to have been brought from South America to Europe by the Portuguese in the 18th century. The plants are quite large growing 90-120cm tall and produce 30 to 50 extremely weird, flat winged, wrinkled almost flying saucer like 4cm wide pods. The flesh of each pod is thin athough crisp to taste and they mature from green to red approximately 90-100 days after seedlings have emerged. The body of the pods have some detectable heat, but the wings are sweet and mild.

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  1. They are neat looking peppers, I like these colorful images. Have a happy week!

  2. Very cool. Are they sweet or hot?

  3. Very unusual peppers - I've never seen peppers like that!
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  4. hi Nick, are you sure it is a Capsicum baccatum? How is the color of the seeds? yellow straw? mayeb it is a Balloon Pepper?
    nice pics by the way..Paul

    1. Hello, Paul. Every source I looked at identifies this as a C. baccatum. The common names vary. Some call it balloon pepper, others bishop's crown, other Christmas bell and others joker's hat. They can grow quite tall, the flesh inside each pepper is thin, yet crisp. They mature to red from a pale green colour about 90-100 days after the seedlings emerge. The body of the peppers have very little heat, with the wings being sweet and mild. The seeds are yellowish.