Wednesday 13 May 2015


Rabbit having lunch in the Yarra Valley. In Australia, rabbits are introduced species and in the past have multiplied to numbers that are considered excessive. They compete with the native fauna and destroy the delicate balance of the environment. However, one cannot resist their charms when encountering them in such an idyllic spot...

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  1. When growing up, we had to eat from the wild to survive. I have had a lot of strange meats, but not a rabbit.

  2. Yes, they are cute, but what a nuisance! Do you have coyotes or another predator that keeps the rabbit population down? I can always tell when we have more rabbits than coyotes and vice versa by the number of rabbits in my yard in the evening.

  3. Run Rabbit run Rabbit run run run, don't be afraid of the gun gun gun....
    .I love rabbits and have had several pet ones therefore couldn't possibly
    eat one. My grandma used to make rabbit pie which I used to enjoy as a
    child but since one of my daughter's had one as a pet I couldn't eat it now.
    They are terribly destructive in the garden though!
    Since my last rabbit died, my garden has flourished.

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    garden has flourished, plants have appeared that I haven't seen before!

  4. We have two types of native Rabbits here, Jackrabbit and the Cottontail, however they are no common in the city any more, occasionally I will spot a cottontail in our parks and Jackrabbits are often found outside of the cities here.

    Nice post for the letter R, please come on over and check out my post for the letter R,

  5. We have rabbits that scamper through our yard at night eating our young plants. Cute but destructive.