Wednesday, 27 December 2017


The Yule log is a specially selected log burnt on a hearth as a Christmas tradition in a number of countries in Europe. The origin of the folk custom is unclear. Numerous scholars have observed that, like other traditions associated with Yule (such as the Yule boar), the custom may ultimately derive from Germanic paganism.

The Yule log is generally given as a gift, and is at once put on the hearth. It is unlucky to have to light it again after it has once been started, and it ought not go out until it has burned away. To sit around the Yule log and tell ghost stories is a great thing to do on Christmas Eve, and also card-playing.

Two large coloured candles are a Christmas present from the grocery. Just before supper on Christmas Eve (where frumenty is eaten), while the Yule log is burning, all other lights are put out, and the candles are lit from the Yule log by the youngest person present. While they are lit, all are silent and wish. It is common practice for the wish to be kept a secret. Once the candles are on the table, silence may be broken. They must be allowed to burn themselves out, and no other lights may be lit that night.

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  1. I NEED the heat. It's COLD in half of the US

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  3. When I was little and we went to my grandparent's for Christmas. They had a wonderful wood fireplace and each year I decorated a Yule log to light on Christmas Eve. - Margy

  4. I wish we had a fireplace in our apartment ! Happy New New Year!

  5. whatever will happen or not, we'll just have to wait and see but I do wish with all of my heart that you and your loved ones will have the most beautiful and happy healthy blessed year ever !

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