Monday, 12 March 2018


Whenever I am out and about, I have my pocket camera with me. I always like taking photos of textures, colours, interesting designs and macro details of things. Quite revealing to collect these together in a mosaic and distill the essence of a walk in a single multi-part image.

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  1. Beautiful seasonal colour palette, wonderful Autumnal textures too. I'd love to do a sitting room using your mosaic as my mood board.

  2. Look at all the interesting textures. You always make me want to try something new with my mosaics! How inspiring you are! Happy MM!

  3. The parched greyish shot fits wonderfully well with all the yellow-orange colors in your collage! Thank you for sharing it with All Seasons!
    Like your comment - my frustration is with having to investigate what the truth is, and not able to be trust the news. Am sure there was much despotism before, and the disadvantage of the internet is that it makes us to aware of it:( Nevertheless, there are still some good places left where we can people look out for each other:)

  4. I am not a big fan of 'brown', but the textures the brown items bring to this mosaic are terrific!