Wednesday 7 August 2019


Environment | ɪnˈvʌɪrənm(ə)nt, ɛnˈvʌɪrənm(ə)nt | noun
1 The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates: Survival in an often hostile environment.
• [usually with modifier] The setting or conditions in which a particular activity is carried on: A good learning environment.
• [with modifier] Computing the overall structure within which a user, computer, or program operates: A desktop development environment.
2 (The environment) The natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area, especially as affected by human activity: The impact of pesticides on the environment | [as modifier] : A parliamentary environment committee.

The Darebin Parklands in Melbourne is a nature reserve where the natural environment has been more or less preserved and maintained around the Darebin Creek. This beautiful nature reserve is about 10 minutes walk from our house, so we frequently visit it.

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