Monday, 24 December 2018


I love the traditional Christmas fare, which is so well-suited to the Northern Hemisphere winter climate. We still sometimes have the type of food you see below, especially if the weatherman predicts a cooler Christmas. However, in Australia, Christmas is a Summer festival and the food is often nothing like what is below. If you are curious about what Australians put on the Christmas table, you may like to look at this link here.

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  1. Nick - as you may know, my husband is from the UK, so seeing mince pies in this mosaic brought back very pleasant memories of these little gems during my times in the UK (although my hubby does not like them). I went to the link about Australian Christmas meals - they sound delicious and perfect for a hot day at the beach. I was especially drawn to the Christmas Cake ice cream - we made our Christmas Cake back at Thanksgiving and have been feeding it brandy ever since. Can't wait to cut into it tomorrow! Merry Christmas!