Tuesday 26 March 2019


I always enjoy my trips to Adelaide as it is a gracious city, well planned and of a slightly slower pace than Melbourne or Brisbane. One of the great things about Adelaide is that the CBD is completely ringed by parks and gardens, effectively separating the centre of the city from the suburbs. There are wonderful 19th century public buildings and there are several beautiful beaches and sea-side suburbs, such as Glenelg, with a lively cosmopolitan feel to them.

The suburbs are also attractive with the signature stone houses surrounded by gardens on tree-lined streets. A delightful area is by the river where there are numerous parks and gardens as well as the Adelaide Performing Arts Centre. Adelaide is sometimes described as the “City of Churches”, but one does not often see this appellation  nowadays except in travel articles where the journalist writing it has used the word “Adelaide” too many times in the same paragraph…

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  1. Beautiful juxtaposition of the curved building and the rectangular. The image in the water only adds to the beauty of this shot.

  2. A nice reflection in water !
    The buildings are great.
    My contribution...

  3. Beautiful!
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