Monday 3 June 2019


A Happy June to you, full of Summer joys or Winter delights!

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  1. Love the blue touch in the feast day of the saints!

  2. These are some interesting and needed (!) days. One of my favorites would be child labor. Taking away one's childhood - in any way - is such a crime:(:( Many hanks you for raising the awareness with your June calender, Jim - and have a beautiful week!

  3. I wish us all luck with World Refugee Day. I think Australia and other countries are as inhumane to refugees now as we were at Evian in 1938. Shame on us :(

  4. Such worthy events/causes! Every time I think about blood donations, I get a little sad. Ever since I lived in the UK I have been unable to donate, as they worry I might be carrying mad cow disease. Imagine! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!